Fumiyo Ikeda

From September 2012, I started working with one of the best dancers in the contemporary dance world Fumiyo Ikeda (of Rosas/Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker) as her personal photographer. I photographed her solo performance in pieces which was created in collaboration with Tim Etchells at KAAT, Yokohama, Japan.
This was a wonderful experience for me. Here is one of the photos of her in in pieces.

Here is a link of the performance (only in Japanese):


In early 2013, I went to Belgium to work with her again. Here you can see some photos which I took for Nine Finger made by Fumiyo Ikeda, Alain Platel, Benjamin Verdonck in 2007, performed by Fumiyo Ikeda and Stijn Van Opstal in March 2013. This was a truly impressive performance!

Their tours are still going on in several countries. Please check the information at the website of KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre, Brussels):

Photographed in March 2013 at KVS:

I’ll go to Belgium again this summer to witness her creation with a Japanese dancer/choreographer Un Yamada.
Their new piece Amness will be shown at Steirischer herbst 2013 in Graz (http://www.steirischerherbst.at/2013/micro/english/index.php).


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